Missionaries and Missions

Jay and Janet Ables
Global Sharing

Jay and Janet lead several short-term trips and partner with both local and global ministry leaders. “Global Sharing brings the hope and healing of Jesus to some of the remotest parts of the world. We have been able to watch God work in the lives of men, women and children in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, the streets of Oakland, the cities and jungles of Costa Rica, the far north-east corner of India, and the slums of Calcutta.” 


Address: Global Sharing
               5850 El Camino Real
               Atascadero, CA 93422
Phone (Jay): 805-975-5331
Email (Jay): jay@globalsharingusa.org
Email (Janet): janet@globalsharingusa.org
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Address: Bruce Camp
               (Evangelical Free Church Mission)
               32952 Danaspruce
               Dana Point, CA 92629
Phone: 949-248-1236
Email: bruce@dualreach.org
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Bruce Camp
Dual Reach

Bruce spent eight years as missions pastor under Chuck Swindoll and then 13 years as a church missions consultant for the Evangelical Free Church Mission where he supervised the entire staff of church missions consultants and launched and edited two EFCM publications. Currently he is founder/CEO of DualReach. Bruce has served on the boards of missions organizations, ministered as the global outreach pastor for several churches and trained hundreds of mission agency personnel and church leaders.

John and Marge Cosby.jpg


Address: PO Box 532762, 
               San Diego, CA 92153
Phone (John): 970-590-1273
Phone (Marge): 970-302-9211
Email: jcosby@wrg3.org
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John and Marge Cosby
World Resource Group

John and Marge Cosby serve with Worldview Resource Group (WRG). The primary ministry focus of WRG is to train local church and missionary leaders from the “Majority World” in cross-cultural missionary skills, with the goal of greater effectiveness in communicating the gospel message toward Biblical worldview level changes. The WRG core training package includes four, 15-20 hour modules: Strategic Church Planting Strategy, Worldview (What it is, how to discover it, how it can be changed), Animism and Folk Religion, Narrative Expositional Bible Teaching.
John and Marge travel extensively throughout Latin America providing intensive, interactive training and consulting for Latino Missionaries, Pastors, and Church leaders. In addition John and Marge are deeply involved in local training, consulting and mentoring with pastors and their wives in Mexico and throughout Latin America in order to plant and develop local churches that provide solid Bible teaching, integrated discipleship ministry, and an understanding of worldview concepts and how to strategically address them for Biblical change.



Address: 845 Laurelcrest Dr
               Orlando, FL 32828
Phone (Tom): 321-276-9226
Phone (Bev): 407-587-5706
Email (Tom): TDGooldy@aol.com
Email (Bev): BevGooldy@aol.com
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Tom and Bev Gooldy

Tom and Bev Gooldy help give leadership to Campus Crusade for Christ/CRU's Global Campus Ministry with staff in over 140 countries around the world seeking to ensure "The Gospel for Every Student- that each every student would have a chance to hear the life-changing message of the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ before they graduate; A Movement on Every Campus- that on every university campus around the world there would be a vibrant community of believers reaching experiencing the gospel in their own lives and reaching out to share that with their friends; Leaders for Every Nation- that the graduates of our ministries around the world would become lifetime laborers in the Kingdom, going on to have ministries of spiritual multiplication in every segment of society and being the future leaders of the church around the world." 
Their specific responsibility is leadership development for the university staff, volunteers and students leaders. 



Address: Loc. Camaro Sup. CPL Mito Res. Mimose B Messina                  98151 Italia
Phone: 011-39-3890989079
Email: jagravino@gmail.com
Skype: jagravino
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Johnny Gravino
Grace Ministries International

Johnny pastors Christian Bible Church of Messina and leads the Italian Theological Academy (ITA).The ITA is a pastoral-training ministry born in 2004 out of the need to introduce the Italian evangelical church in Italy to expository preaching. In 2014 the ITA was re-constituted and re-established as a church-based training academy associated to and training out of the Bible Church of Messina in the city of Messina, Italy.
Italian evangelical churches beyond being historically small, are under taught, and driven mainly by shallow evangelistic methods. In this light, the ITA strives to pursue training in expository preaching firmly convinced that the need of the day in Italy is a minister and a ministry trained in expositing the whole counsel of God for the Church and people of God in Italy.
ITA is not only a training academy but an instrument to instruct and edify the whole church in Italy at being more biblical in its philosophy of ministry. Its mission and purpose in Italy is to train men, local church leaders, to preach and shepherd persuaded by Christ and His plan for the Church. Its theme verse is 2 Timothy 2:15: Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15). Beyond its mission to train Italian church leaders to preach and shepherd, the ITA hosts annual pastoral conferences for all members of the church called Preach the Word (focus on preaching) and Shepherd the Flock (focus on counseling).

Fernando Rocha.jpg


Email: fernysilvia@hotmail.com
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Fernando Rocha
Ebenezer Bible Church - Mexico

Fernando Rocha Del Valle is the Pastor-teacher at Ebenezer Bible Church in Tijuana, Mexico. In addition to leading a home growth group, he teaches on Wednesdays and Fridays and preaches on Sunday mornings. He has been training men to become elders, and preparing other men and women to serve and lead in different areas within the body. Fernando is also a teacher at The Bible Institute in San Quintin. During the week, he leads prayer meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fernando and Silvia also have a Bible-based ministry of marriage counseling. Fernando also meets once a month with the men of Ebenezer for a time of devotion and prayer. His wife, Silvia leads a monthly women’s meeting and sings in the church choir.