We want to encourage you to remember our country, our church family, our church missionaries and our church’s military men in your daily prayers. Here are a few things you can pray for:


Our Country

Our country’s advisors, our state, military forces, firefighters, federal and local police officers, guidance counselors, and leaders of local churches.


Church Family

Our church families; strength, wisdom, guidance, patience and love for one another, our Pastors as they lead us, and their commitment to supporting the work of Christ, our Youth Group, The Children’s Center, and those who do not know Christ (Salvation).


Our Church Missionaries 

Jay and Janet Ables: Global Sharing

Bruce and Susan Camp: Dual Reach

John and Marge Cosby: World Resource Group

Tom and Bev Gooldy: Campus Crusade

Johnny and Alexandra Gravino: Grace Ministries International

Henry and Jeanne Lantang: International Gospel Missions

Fernando and Jeanne Rocha: Ebenezer Bible Church- Mexico


Our Service Men

David Aguirre - Navy                    David and Maria Aguirre’s son

David Bender - Marines                 Paul and Stephanie Bender’s son

Bryant Miller - Marines                 Trent and Suzette Miller’s son

Michael Siemens - Navy                  John and Monica Siemens’ son

Israel Valdez - Marines Janet Garza’s son