It's a Boy...Or a Girl



    This month’s article is a continuation of last month’s article dealing with the issue transgenderism in our culture. Last time, we discussed what a transgender person is and two reasons why it cannot be accepted. First, it screams of subjectivity, even rejecting the scientific biological evidence. Second, God makes it very clear that He assigns gender, and it is not up for discussion (Gen 1:27; Deut 22:5). 
    Let us take a moment to discuss a third reason why transgenderism cannot be condoned or accepted. I would call the third reason one large jump down the slippery slope. Where does the subjectivity of the human spirit end? Today, it is people rejecting their biological gender. Tomorrow, its people rejecting that they are even people! And it’s happening. I recently read a story about men who dress up in dog costumes and like to act like dogs, because they ‘identify’ with that way of life. Is that wrong? How can you say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if subjectivity reigns? There was also a news story of a woman who worked for the NAACP who was white, but said she identified as an African American because she is transracial. At the height of hypocrisy, the national public went nuts. This woman was ridiculed and insulted for how she dared to claim to be something biologically she wasn’t. But why is transgender ok and transracial isn’t? What’s next? Transfinancial (a rich person trapped in a poor person’s body), transmoral (any or no morals), transethnic (Italian but identify as Mexican), etc. The leap down the slippery slope has already happened.
    So, where does something like transgenderism come from? There is one simple word that explains the entire idea and movement. The word is sin. The root of sin is simply not following a list of things that God said to do or not do. The root of sin is rebellion. It is revolt and mutiny against God. Sin is willful defiance against God as the Sovereign one who has the ultimate authority to tell us what to do, what not to do, and what gender we are. Man, in his sin, hates the idea that God is in control, and that He has all authority to command us and punish disobedience. The rebellion against God can be seen in atheism, which is the refusal to acknowledge the Sovereign One even exists. The rebellion against God can be seen in homosexuality, where man refuses to allow God to tell him what he can/cannot do with his body. The rebellion against God can be seen in our redefining of morality and right/wrong. Now, there are no clear black and whites concerning morality at all. If you have to lie, then lie. And, the rebellion against God can also be seen in refusing to acknowledge that God can even determine your gender. What a shocking evidence of pride to tell the Creator, “I am not what you made me. I know what I truly am, you don’t.” Sin is lawlessness (1 John 3:4) and you can see that sin evidenced in the blatant refusal of acknowledging God’s sovereignty. Who is ultimately in charge of our lives, our bodies? Is it us, or is it God?
    But what is the big deal? Why do Christians care? Isn’t it a personal issue? Christians are not trying to pick a fight with a select group of sinners. Transgendered people are not worse sinners than others, but transgenderism is still sin. When the culture demands that a Christian redefine what is right/wrong, or refuse to accept God’s opinion on a matter, then Christians must disagree. A wrong does not become a right because the culture says so. An abomination does not become a beautiful thing because the majority says so. God has spoken clearly on such matters, and that stands as the Christian’s authority, nothing else. The culture is not asking us if we will accept transgenderism as a reality, the culture is demanding we endorse transgenderism as righteous. Our conscience, informed from the Word of God, cannot do so.

-Pastor Mark Scialabba